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Travel tips are useful information for planning any adventure tour or vacation holiday. Travel tips include travel reviews and trip advisor from other travel who have visited the tourist destinations and Local Tour Operators or DMC.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is adventure travel which is challenging and hence need planning and reliable information.
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro travel tips include weather at Mount Kilimanjaro, climbing gears, accommodation, airport transfers, hotel reservation on arrival, mountain climbing gears and acclimatization.

Techniques and tips to climb mount Kilimanjaro are warming up your body and stretching your muscles. Mountain climbers need to do at least half hour jogging to stretch muscles and increasing ability of lungs to breathe.
Stretching and warming up helps the joints, ligaments, muscles work longer than normal life and hence avoid fatigue, this is party of acclimatization.

Second understands well the route. Kilimanjaro trekking trails varies from route to route according to topographic features and elevation/altitude levels. Marangu route is first Kilimanjaro route to be used by tourists to climb to summit of Kilimanjaro. Marangu is known to be easier route than other route though its elevation increases constantly to the summit.

Machame route is known to be difficult than Marangu route how ever Machame route has some point descend or trek leveled from Shira Camp, Barranco to Karanga  Camp. Also then climbers have to go hiking up to Stella point. Summit is on two options of Arrow glacier or Barafu where Barafu is easier. Machame route has better acclimatization and high success rates than Marangu.

Rongai route is second easiest route after Marangu and has high success rates also due to good chance of acclimatization.

Umbwe is difficult Kilimanjaro climbing route and need extra physical fitness and exercise.

Lemosho route is longer route, gently rising from savanna, green forest, volcanic rocks and then Snow at the Kilimanjaro summit. Lemosho route is also termed ecotourism natural trail which have sense of responsible travel. Lemosho route has best acclimatization, high success rates and opportunity to see big game wildlife, birds and sight seeing tours on Shira plateau volcanoes

Climbing gears: Kilimanjaro climbing gears include support equipments provided by Tour Operator for accommodation and meals together with personal gears needed for personal protection for comfort of the tourists.

Support equipments for climbing Kilimanjaro provided by Tour Operator include mattresses, mess tent, overnight mess, tables, chairs, toilets, bathroom tents, cooking utensils, stove, water boiling facility and first aid kit.

Personal gears needed for tourists include sleeping bags, walking sticks, warm clothes, gloves, head torch, axe, crumples, rain jacket, rain coat, HAT, goggles, Boots or strong shoes with studs.

Health: Climbing Kilimanjaro is strenuous and adventures, health should be checked before starting Kilimanjaro trekking. Consult your doctor for Malaria or any disease. Take Diamox and hire oxygen for emergency case though there is first aid and rescue service provided by Tour Operator.

How to make secure booking Kilimanjaro climbing trip is as follows: After choosing your favorite climbing Kilimanjaro route and agreeing of hiking Kilimanjaro budget, usually tour operator need a deposit. A 30% to 50% deposit is needed and usually paid through wire transfer. How ever technology has grown and now days travelers can pay their adventure travel, African safaris, vacation holidays or wildlife safaris through Credit cards. In America and Europe there are merchants established and act as middle way to pay for tours. These Merchants are Paypal, Moneybookers, Dixipay and Google Merchant.

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