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Oldonyo Lengai 2,870mt (9,650ft) to the summit is a spectacular, still active volcano near the edge of the Crater highlands to the north west of Ngongoro and little to the south of Lake Natron.Three hours drive from Arusha town.
Although it can be climbed in one very long day it has the reputation of the being the most strenuous and difficult of Tanzanians great peaks to climb. The track up is sand and slippery, and near the summit bare rock is precipitous and exposed. The climber constantly has the filling that he or cold fall, and theirs to stop him until he reaches the plain 6000 ft below. It is not a mountain for the timid.

This is a sacred mountain to the Maasai who dwell in the region and the Maasai name, Oldonyo Lengai, translates as mountain of God. For the decades if not centuries, the Maasai have been climbing it for reasons of worship but is resent years adventures from all over the world have been trying to ascend it for the magnificent experience and view that it offers. In 1917 The great erruption blasted, lava and stones was thrown 25 to 30 miles. This way the surrounding is completely semi derset. In 1926 it was also a minor erruption. In 1940 the great erruption occured. In 1983 the erruption was minor compared to the past time.

Recently on the month of April, 2006 Oldonyo Lengai errupted again and discharged lava and fire which was throwned 5 km near to the Maasai villages.
Oldonyo Lengai which is surrounded by Maasai people grazing their domestic animals sharing pastures with the Wild animals. e.g. Giraffe, Zebras, Buffaloes etc.
Apart from all the attractions, Oldonyo Lengai is very close to Lake Natron where the Flamingoes place for breeding.

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